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What’s the biggest trap that traders fall into? Regardless of whether you are a novice trader or have been trading for decades, your biggest initial challenge is determining whether the market is trending or in congestion.

It doesn’t matter what your trading style is if you can’t get this first basic trading decision correct. Whether you like to follow the Trend, attempt breakouts, countertrend trade, or trade within a tight range: you need to accurately know whether the market is currently trending or not, and what direction it is trending.

The same thing holds true for whether you are able to determine reliably if the market is in Congestion or chop. Until you get this right, all subsequent trading decisions will fail.

I know this from personal experience because when I began trading 25 years ago, I assumed incorrectly that the old adage “higher highs and higher lows” meant the market was in a trend. Nothing could be further from the truth.

I was also told that “if the market is moving sideways” it is in congestion.

Why were these ‘tried and true’ adages really false? Because they are subjective and discretionary. I could ask six different traders when the market precisely began trending in a given direction or when it went into supposed congestion, and I guarantee you I would get different answers.

This is especially true in today’s hyper volatile markets due to the Coronavirus. It is extremely easy to get whipsawed back and forth because you to do not have a reliable method of trend detection, congestion detection or determining breakouts accurately.

Is this how you trade? By ‘eyeballing’ your charts and guessing about market direction over time?

Like most traders, I eventually discovered how helpful indicators could be. However, after sampling many trend detection indicators I quickly discovered that indicators alone were not sufficient for consistent trading results.

Eventually, I created a complete Boolean logic automated mechanical trading system that removed all subjectivity from my trading

Even though I currently offer this system to traders who see the value in a true mechanical trading system, many traders kept asking me if the Trend and Congestion detection components in my system could be made available separately.


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The TradeSafe Universal Automated Trend and Congestion Indicator

Rather than create just another ‘me too’ Trend indicator like so many others, I wanted it to do far more than just indicate that there is a trend.
First, it had to indicate trend direction accurately and do so in a timely manner.
Next, it had to eliminate the false positives you get when there is chop or congestion in the market.
It then had to very specifically indicate the exact point where loss of trend occurred, and congestion was official.
Finally, it needed to clearly and exactly indicate a true breakout from Congestion, resulting in a new trend.
That would have been plenty, but I knew traders would want more. What if you could be automatically notified of a change in trend or new congestion, both with visual as well as audible alerts? 

Visual alerts would appear clearly with a simple color code on each and every chart the indicator was installed on. But what about charts or markets that were hidden? Or what if you weren’t in front of your computer when an important change occurred?

This is why audible alerts are so important. Simple sounds don’t provide enough information. What if your computer could speak to you in plain English, telling you the exact chart and trend/congestion status that was occurring in real time?

This would enable you to monitor multiple charts or markets without needing to see them all at once, or even be in front of your computer. Even if you were in the kitchen fixing a sandwich you could hear your computer speakers announcing to you “NQ NASDAQ 1minute new trend (or congestion, etc.)”.

Not only do you have two separate indicators-in-one (trend detection and congestion detection), but you also have a reliable alert system notifying you when either trend direction has changed or a breakout (or fake out) from congestion is occurring.

Furthermore, if you even missed the audible alert you could always come back and check your Alerts Log window that tracks all changes in Trend, Congestion, breakouts, fake outs, etc.).


  • Two discrete, separate and independent methods of detecting trend in one indicator
  • Signals change in trend (CIT) automatically from whichever method detects trend first
  • Visual alerts in real time automatically on any price chart, utilizing colored bands in a sub-graph spanning the period of time the (up/down) trend was in effect
  • ​Audible alerts in real time automatically notify you of a change in trend (CIT) even on hidden charts, speaking in plain English and citing the specific chart (e.g., 3min). This allows you to be away from your computer and still be notified of a CIT. Alerts can also be switched off
  • ​Multiple markets and charts can be monitored simultaneously with audible alerts, even when their workspaces are hidden
  • ​Maintains an alerts log in a dedicated window so that you can track previous signals
  • Real-time, automatic Congestion detection when the market is trendless
  • Algorithm-driven detection reliably identifies congestion on any chart, even when the chart or market workspace is hidden
  • Two separate visual alerts clearly display beginning and end of congestion
  • ​Sub-graph visual alert stops displaying trend direction color and remains blank for duration of congestion
  • ​Congestion Zone on price action itself (semi-transparent rectangle) auto-plots beginning and end of congestion after algorithm determines conditions are met
  • ​Consistently identifies true breakouts resulting in trends with two-step confirmation process
  • ​Audible alert notifies you in plain English when first condition is met (e.g. “3min breakout”) so that you can prepare for trend possibility if breakout is confirmed
  • ​Audible alert notifies you in plain English when second condition is met (e.g., “3min breakout confirmed”), resulting in new trend
  • ​Breakout Fake-outs: both visual and audible alerts notify you when price goes back into congestion after confirmed breakout (congestion zone rectangle re-extends, also spoken alert “3min breakout fake-out”)
  • ​Congestion Reset alert (both visual and audible) notifies you if price does not confirm a breakout but does complete the first step of the breakout without confirmation, and instead trades back into the Congestion Rectangle Zone. Breakout process must start over again from this point
  • ​Maintains congestion alerts in separate Alerts Log Window for you to track history

Bonus #1 (valued at $150)

  • mini-Trend-Following System: enter on confirmed change in trend (CIT), either scalp or trail stop with ATM (automated trade management) or modified SAR

Bonus #2 (valued at $150)

  • mini-Breakout System: enter on confirmed breakout (signaled by audible alert), either scalp or trail stop with ATM (automated trade management) or modified SAR. Stop-loss order below breakout bar.
This is as close as you are going to get to a true mechanical trading system that includes reliable, automated visual and audible notification of change in trend, congestion, breakouts, fake outs, etc.

Of course, if you wish to trade with all of the benefits of a true Boolean logic mechanical trading system, then you will want the TradeSafe Mechanical Trading System.

Otherwise, it is now within your reach to eliminate the principle trap that traders fall into - reliable Trend and Congestion detection. Act now before this very limited time offer expires. Even at the full price there is nothing comparable you can add to your trading toolbox.

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