Professional Trader's
Pre-Trading Checklist
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This guide will support you in building a solid routine you can easily follow before you start each new trading day.
What You'll Learn
Used by professional traders, this simple, yet ultra-valuable checklist will help you minimize or prevent the agonizing frustration of giving back your hard-won trading profits during every trading day. 
Whatever trading system you’re using that can give you an edge - whether it’s mechanical, automatic or otherwise – you’ll want to get the highest, consistent  performance results from it. 

By preparing yourself mentally and physically for a successful trading day, you will begin to enjoy more consistent results in your trading, with much more focus and confidence. 
About The Author
Michael Guess
CEO & Founder of TradeSafe
Michael began his trading career more than 25 years ago when he started trading NASDAQ stocks as a SOES trader in what were known as “prop shops.” He eventually migrated to trading directly to the pit for the S&P 500 Index when a point was worth $500. When the first emini contract was created he had already developed the foundation for what was to become the TradeSafe System. 

As president of a nationally recognized trading group in Austin, Texas (Austin Association of Financial Traders) he was often approached to teach his methodology. Over the years he has coached more than 2000 students from all around the globe.
Throughout this period, Michael has developed mechanical systems and tested scores of trading tools such as charting programs, data feeds, the first electronic order entry platform and virtually every type since then. Several times a year he has taught a day trading course at a major university.

Michael has also been an entrepreneur, owning several businesses. His background as a therapist and trainer equips him to offer cutting edge tools that traders can use themselves so they can maintain diamond-hard discipline in their trading.
Michael is dedicated to providing the most comprehensive array of trading resources you can use to transform your current trading into a successful trading business, the TradeSafe Way!
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